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“Now that’s how I like to see a woman…
at my feet and on her knees.”

Hearing this stopped me dead in my tracks… 
And made me want to vomit.

Warning: Women Only

How an Ancient Temple to a Roman Goddess Unlocked the Secret to Healing the “Feminine Wound” And Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

“Now that’s how I like to see a woman...at my feet and on her knees.”
Not because that statement was directed at me… 

But because it was directed at my 15-year-old daughter Sophie.

I was picking her up from her hostessing job at an upscale restaurant. 

And I had just opened the door.

I saw Sophie kneeling at the hostess station picking up toothpicks that had fallen on the thick-grained oak floor.

Two middle-aged men were looking down at her laughing, amused with their clever joke. 

Neither my daughter nor the men had seen me enter.

They sported salt and pepper hair slicked with shiny pomade.

Each wore an easter egg pastel polo shirt, a Ralph Lauren pony on the chest.

Rolexes sparkled on their tanned arms.
I watched in horror as my daughter’s face 
erupted in stop-sign red.
Have you ever had time stand still? 

We were both deer in the headlights… 

And I’d never felt such a whirlwind of emotions… 

Rage at these well-dressed ogres… 

Love and protectiveness for my daughter… 

Embarrassment at the inequality and injustice.

But mostly, I felt so disempowered.

Hi, my name is Diane Hope.

And I’ll give you the blow by blow of what happened next - in just a minute.

It will definitely shock you.

But that humiliating moment in the restaurant with my daughter… 

Well, it broke something deep inside me. 

I’d never felt such unbridled rage before… 

While simultaneously feeling so lovingly protective of my daughter.

And still - I felt so powerless in that moment.

But… it also birthed something in me.

Something amazing.

It birthed a connection to a true feminine power I never knew existed.

It was a feminine power I’d never seen in my mother or grandmother.

I’d never seen it in my social or church circles, either.

In fact, it was a POWER I’d never seen before in ANY woman… 

… that is, until I met my godmother Diana.

But no more

The day I met her… 

It felt like a Queen of the Amazonians descended Thor-like from the heavens.

I’ll tell you all about the mysterious, feminine, divine, and powerful Diana - in just a minute.

Now, it’s ironic, but my daughter and I look back at that humiliating encounter with gratitude… 

Because it helped me unlock a life-changing connection to the “Feminine Divine.” 

Plus, I discovered the root cause of what keeps this feminine divine under lock and key for the vast majority of women.

I was surprised to discover that it wasn’t my husband.

It wasn’t the patriarchy… 

And it wasn’t feminism that hadn’t gone far enough. 

What had been blocking the Feminine Divine was something inside me.

And, as I’ll share in this brief presentation, I discovered a strange but powerful “switch” that changed everything.

Before long, I was swimming in an ocean of financial abundance. 

My relationship with my husband deepened and our conversations grew more meaningful than ever before.

We truly felt connected.

Even my kids were more loving and grateful. 

Old insecurities and nagging self-esteem struggles vanished like the morning mist.

This connection to the feminine divine even impacted my physical body.
I finally discovered how to fall in love with my own body… 

Leaving body shame in the rearview mirror, even though I’d lived under its thumb for decades.

This connection to the feminine divine even impacted my physical body.

See, for years I’d battled strange disease-like symptoms no doctor had been able to identify or diagnose - let alone cure.

And before I knew it, those symptoms simply disappeared into thin air.

I’d never even heard the concept of “manifesting”... 

But here I was… 

Manifesting my dream life.

But I have to be honest… 

Birthing this connection to the feminine divine was painful at the start… 

But, when you think about it… 
Isn’t that what we women can do that men can’t… 

Birth a new life?
So right now, if your life is characterized by the pain of scarcity and feeling powerless to change it… 

If you've had the sneaking suspicion that a feminine divine power was “out there”... 

But didn’t know how to activate it within yourself… 

Then you’re in the right place.

And I promise you that if you watch this presentation all the way through to the end…  

You’ll discover the simple way to flip a secret “divine switch” deep inside you… 

Giving you the power to create the life of your dreams… 

Just like a goddess. 

Without looking to anyone else to manifest it for you. 

Without needing someone else's help or permission… 

And without bowing to religious dogma or a rigid belief system.  

This divine switch will help you birth something beautiful out of your pain.

Dear sister, it’s what you were designed and destined for.
See, what I discovered can be replicated.
And the unlimited abundance it triggers… 

Is available to anyone, including you.

Now, if you’re feeling skeptical right now…. 

I applaud you.

That’s a part of your feminine divine that’s designed to protect you.

But that guardedness has also been shaped by our culture telling us what a woman should be.

See, I was skeptical too when Diana started speaking to me about the feminine divine. 
But, as you’ll see, she was living a life I just couldn’t ignore.
A life of abundance, freedom, and fully owning her feminine power.

That’s when she asked me a question that I’ll ask you right now:

“Are you willing to look at your world through a different set of lenses?

Laying down the outdated ones you’ve been given… 

For ones you choose for yourself?”

Think about how all your life you’ve been conditioned to believe what a woman should be… 

Where her place was… 

What she should do, say, act, or believe… 

 Those are the lenses our culture told us to look through.

And they are SO limiting of women.

Now… take a step back and try looking at life through a different set of lenses.

Where you can see the YOU… 

You’ve always dreamt of… 

Full of power and freedom. 

A YOU that you and future generations will laud, honor, and respect.

My journey from powerlessness and shame… 

To feeling fully connected to the feminine divine and manifesting the life of my dreams… 

Demonstrates how you too can discover how to rewrite your story into one of unlimited abundance… and potent feminine energy… 

Starting as soon as today.

I wish I could tell you the feminine divine 
was birthed within me that night… 

Right there in the restaurant with my daughter… 

But it wasn’t. 

As I watched those men humiliate my daughter… 

As I watched Sophie trying to “ignore” what she’d just heard and be a “good girl”… 


It was in that moment… that I had an epiphany.
Incredible transformation

Sophie, on her knees, swallowing her tears and anger… 

Was more than just my daughter.

She was every daughter… 

Every mother… 

She was every woman ever born into this world… 

Kneeling inside an ageless cage of “a woman’s place.”

Looking at Sophie I was beholding the suffering of all women.

I felt an avalanche of pain… 

Then a tidal wave of love… 

All in the same moment.

I refused to allow either of us to live a second longer in that cage.

And even though I was hearing the echoes of my mother’s proverbs… 

Like “If you can’t say anything nice…” and… 

“Remember the golden rule”... 
I also heard the roar of a thousand generations of women cheering me on… 


I was done with swallowing my truth.

I was done with not knowing how to own my power.

I was done with being a pawn in someone else’s game.

I was done with the lock and key that had defined for me how a woman should behave.

Walking away quietly with a gentle, accommodating spirit wasn’t an option.

I knew that if I didn’t rise up… 

If I shrunk back to “a woman’s place”... 

I would be encouraging Sophie’s spirit to follow in my beaten-down, submissive footsteps… 

And a vital, powerful part of me would be destroyed - forever.

That’s when I marched up to the two leering men and stuck a finger in their faces.

“That woman”… I said through clenched teeth…“is my daughter.”

… “And furthermore, you - uh, I can, er… “

Have you ever been so angry that you just couldn't put your words together?

Well, one of them seized on the space created by my bumbling.
“Well, would you like to join her? There’s more than enough room at our feet. And, well, there ARE two of us.”
They burst into laughter again and our humiliation was complete.

Oh, how I wished I could have been Wonder Woman in that moment and kick their a**es from here to kingdom come.

But instead, I calmly said to Sophie, “Come on honey, let’s go home”... 

So I grabbed her arm, leaving the two ogres… and the pile of toothpicks… and left for home.
Pounded Woman
In the car Sophia thanked me for sticking up for her.

If you’ve ever had an encounter that triggered the realization that you’re living a living a nightmare… 

Like the nightmare of living by everyone else’s rules…  

I realized I’d been “kneeling” to feminine expectations all my life.

Women were excluded from any leadership positions at our church - unless it was “taking care of the children” in Sunday school.

We weren’t consulted when it came to making decisions - except for what color to paint the women’s restroom.

All while enduring eyes that lingered too long on our breasts or our hips.

My husband made all the important financial decisions for our family… 

I was given a budget for groceries and our children’s clothes and activities.

Have you ever been expected just to 
“make it all work” - with no questions asked?

Of course I was the primary caregiver for our children, ferrying them to school, practice, and games on the weekend.

My husband came to games as long as it didn’t interfere with his golf.

Sometimes my husband “helped out” with the kids, but usually complained if I asked for his involvement.

This was just the “way it was” in our little southern town.

My life, my role, my time, my energies - weren’t really my own.

All I knew was a version of femininity based on society’s expectations. 

I had no idea what it felt like to live the version of my life I wanted.

What’s worse, I didn’t even know what that was.

I just knew I was desperate for the freedom and agency to figure that out.

Diana would later tell me that this is the essence of what she called the “feminine wound.”

If you’ve lived your life without true inner authority… 

Without knowing how to access your deep feminine strength.

Then you carry around a heavy burden.

The constant fear of not living up to “approved” models of what a woman “should” be.

I’d never experienced a connection to the sacred feminine… 

That place of feeling powerful and grounded in oneself, complete in oneself, belonging to oneself, and yet connected to all that is.

I wondered how I’d become SO disconnected from the divine feminine within me.

Have you ever felt that way?

So I began doing some research.

I discovered that the disconnection to the feminine divine typically begins in adolescence.

Harvard researcher Gilligan and Colby College researcher Brown revealed a truly horrific adolescent phenomenon…  

In which girls begin to lose their feisty spirit… 

Tempering their courage and willingness to speak their minds… 

All because their boldness…  

Becomes a liability.

And as a result… they learn to silence their truth.

They learn to hold back. 

And avoid conflict with males… 

All because they know on some level that males hold the power. 

Do you remember being told to be a “good little girl?”... 

To make sure you “look good for the boys?” 

Or that you should marry someone “rich”?

These expectations begin to paint you into the corner of a pre-programmed life… 

Complete with all the limits imposed you as a woman. 

As I thought about it, that was around that time when I started to fall under this same spell. 

The research indicates that few ever fully wake up.

But I was waking up… 

And that awakening would take a giant leap forward when my godmother Diana roared into my life.

And asked me the 3 questions that stopped me dead in my tracks.

And I’ll share these with you - in just a minute.

Six months after that night in the restaurant, my mother died suddenly from a stroke.

We’d always been close, even though our relationship was strained at times.

Everything I knew about being a “woman” - I’d learned from her.

So if you have a “complicated” relationship with your mother too, I get it.

And losing your mother is something none of us are truly prepared for.

I met Diana on the day of my mother’s funeral.

At the memorial service, I saw a woman I’d never seen before.

She clearly knew and was talking to all of my mom’s friends.

But there was something very different about her.

She looked, well - unorthodox, not like my mother or any of her friends.

Have you ever seen a woman who glowed with a vibrancy and magnetism… 

Who radiated beauty and power… 

Lighting up any room because she radiated natural beauty - AND raw power?

That was Diana.

She was sophisticated but raw.

She was composed but also liberated.

Beautiful but dangerous.

Intelligent but childlike.

By just being herself, she made every woman in the place look like they were half-alive… including myself.

Then you’re not alone
Eventually, I found myself slowly walking across the reception hall as if in a dream…

Just to be closer to her.

There were women gathered all around her.

Their eyes were shining, glowing, like someone had ignited a latent spark inside them.

When I reached the group of women it was like I had landed inside a strange dream.

All my mother’s friends, women I’d known all my life… 

Looked more alive and vibrant than I’d ever seen them… 

All because of HER.

This new, mysterious woman turned square to me… 

Looked me dead in the eye… 

Reached her hand to me and said… 

“I’m Diana. I’m your godmother. At least I was at your christening.”

I was confused.

“I take it your mother never told you about me?”

I shook my head.

“Well, it’s time we got to know each other.

So tomorrow we’re spending the day together. 

I’ll pick you up at sunrise and we won’t be back until after midnight.

Be ready for anything.”

Have you ever felt the frustration of someone else taking charge of your time and schedule?

Usually, that was my husband. 

Now it was this Diana… 

But somehow, I knew that this time, I should celebrate it.

Even though I had a family to take care of… 

Responsibilities to attend to, not to mention my husband’s schedule and expectations… 

I found myself saying, “Uh, sure. No problem. I guess I’ll see you then. Uh, can’t wait.”

The next morning Diana picked me up at the crack of dawn. 

She wore tight fitting jeans with holes in the knees, light hiking boots, and a form fitting baby blue t-shirt with a black “Mama Bear” logo on it.

“Hop in. We’re burnin’ daylight.”

At the curb was a bright red Jeep Wrangler. 

It was lifted and had big knobby tires and an LED light bar on top.

I’d never seen a “Grandma” drive one.

It was definitely a day of “firsts.”
Then you’re not alone
During our day together, we “carpool karaoked” to the Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, and Katy Perry, just to name a few.

We went “four-wheelin’” tearing down muddy country roads… 

Laughing up a storm.

We went “rock crawlin” at the old abandoned rock quarry.

If you’ve ever ridden with someone who drove in ways that made you feel like you just might die… 

But it made you feel oh, so alive… 

Then you know.

We talked, and laughed, about so many things.

About growing up as women in our small patriarchal town.

About the encounter with the men in the restaurant with Sophie.

Diana told me how she and my mom had been best friends all through high school.

And how they had dreamed about living a different kind of life than all the other women in town.

Have you experienced the feeling of always “wanting more” out of life... 

But feeling helpless because someone else is more in charge of of your life than you are? 

Then you are part of a sisterhood going back generations.

Diane then told me about how when my mother married my dad… 

She was instantly on the traditional wife and mother track… 

Busy manifesting the perfect life for everyone else… 

But slowly dissociating from herself… and the life she and Diana had dreamed of. 

And even though Diana was at my christening as my godmother… 

She was determined to live a different kind of life as a woman.

That’s when a deep rift began to develop.

Eventually they fell out of touch.

Diana left shortly after for a strange journey through Europe… but I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

While in Greece, she fell head over heels in love and got married. 

She told me about the unconventional marriage and life she and her partner led.

Then she shared about their family.

It was so different from the one I grew up with.

One where everyone felt empowered and fully alive.

We stopped around lunchtime perched high atop a mountain with a spectacular view, mountains and tree tops spread in all directions.

Eagles soared on the thermals and squirrels scurried up and down tree trunks.

Diana went to the back of the Jeep and pulled out a picnic basket and a blanket.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with a Greek red wine.

Then she said, “I’m not a mind reader, but it doesn’t appear to me you’re happy about your life. Am I right?”

Have you ever had someone ask you a question that instantly reached deep into your soul?

My answer felt empty after meeting Diana, a woman who clearly had something I didn’t.


Then Diana asked me 3 questions that rocked my world.

Looking me dead in the eye, she asked… 

“Do you struggle with appearing outwardly stable and satisfied while feeling inwardly you actually feel stuck, silenced, and afraid?”

Tears started to well up in my eyes.

“All the time…” I said somewhat meekly.

“I feel this pressure to look like the perfect wife and mother - just like all the other women in town.”

Diana nodded then continued… 

“Do you feel powerless to enforce your boundaries, only to then see them violated?”

I thought about how inept I felt at making boundaries for myself - let alone “enforce” them. 

What would that even look like?

Then my mind shot back to that evening in the restaurant and how powerless I felt.

It was as if I was experiencing that violation all over again.

I could tell Diana got it.

Then she asked… 

“Do you feel overwhelmed with the roles and expectations placed on you? Do you feel like the weight is almost too much to bear?”

I did. 

Have you ever felt like the 24/7 expectation on your life are smothering you under an oppressive blanket? 

I couldn’t breathe under its weight.

I felt like Diana was speaking right to my soul… and I was a mess.

Strangely, though, I didn’t feel judged by Diana.

I felt a strength in her compassion.

I felt a deep love radiating from her.

She said, “You don’t really know what it’s like to connect with your authentic femininity, do you?”

“No. I feel like all I know is the woman everyone else expects me to be. I don’t even know who I am or what I want.”

She replied, “You’re living with what I call the Feminine Wound. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?”

Diana took a deep breath and said… 

"I can share with you how to lay down every burden men and society have put on you. 

You can finally feel fully free and embodied in your feminine power. 

Do you want to know how?"

I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

Wouldn't you?

She explained how in many cultures, not just traditional western cultures… 

Women become disconnected from the imprint of the Feminine Divine.

Their true feminine soul becomes suppressed.

She called it the “Divine Detachment.”

Every woman is born with the feminine divine already programmed into her DNA.

Have you always felt like some amazing version of you was inside… 

But you just didn’t know how to call it forth?

Then you add societal expectations… 

Relational traumas… 

Ignorant teachers… 

Unenlightened coaches… 

And it begins to program beliefs, habits, and actions that perpetuate cultural norms.

Fully and utterly suppressing our innate power.

We stop trusting our feminine intuition… 

We doubt our own wisdom… 

And because society devalues us, we begin to devalue ourselves as women.

If you’ve ever felt held back by society’s expectations… 

Like you can never truly spread your wings… 

It’s because we’re disconnected from the feminine divine. 

Symptoms of that disconnection ALWAYS show up.

Giving us a lack of satisfaction with ourselves… 

A lack of worth…  

And provoking us to measure our worth and compare ourselves with other women.

We get trapped in a cycle of not measuring up. 

You remember how cruel girls at school could be, right?

That’s fueled by the resentment of never being able to measure up.

We can even start to resent our loved ones because we equate them as the source of our existential pain.

We may even manifest this separation with a deep sorrow or even depression.

Oftentimes, the symptoms of our disconnection show up in our physical bodies. 


Autoimmune problems… 

Unexplained weight gain… 

Food cravings… 

Dizziness, even fainting inexplicably… 

Have you ever had a strange physical malady that no one could figure out?

All these things aren’t a sign of feminine weakness… 

They’re a signal demonstrating how strong our longing is to be reconnected to the feminine divine.

Then Diana said, “That tightrope you’re walking where you’re constantly afraid of the slightest mis-step… 

The tightrope where you’re constantly afraid of not measuring up to what’s expected - or demanded - of you… 

Where you’re teetering over an abyss of judgment and failure… 

That tightrope is rooted in a culture ignorant of the DNA of the feminine divine… 

And is actively suppressing it.

That tightrope is no place to live.”

Can you relate to feeling like your entire life is lived on a knife’s edge?

Then Diana asked if I was up for a challenge to help me get off this insane tightrope… 

And start to heal my feminine wound… 

Reconnecting to the Feminine Divine.

Everything she was saying was so far outside my comfort zone. 

Life, as I was living it, was becoming more and more of a painful dead end.

If I could experience even a fraction of the peace, power, and connection Diana exhibited… 

It would be worth my time.

I realized that if I WANTED something different… 

I needed to DO something different.

Have you ever gotten to the place where you knew you had nothing left to lose?

You know it

Lutos Icon

So I looked at Diana and said, 
“What do I have to lose?”

She beamed with pride, clapped her hands, and let out a whoop that echoed through the trees.

It sent 7 birds into flight.

I immediately felt a surge of energy pulse through me… 

Have you ever felt like you had a sign from God - or the “Universe” - that you were on the right path?

Well, I knew in my bones it was a sign. 

A sign that my soul was about to take flight.

Diana then told me that her own feminine crisis drove her on a journey to discover what ancient cultures believed about the Feminine Divine.

Cultures where “Goddesses” stood shoulder to shoulder with “Gods.”

She started in Greece studying ancient Greek Goddesses like Hestia, Dionysius, Aphrodite, Athena, and Artemis.

Then she traveled to Rome to study Roman Goddesses like Juno, Venus, Flora, and Vesta.

She traveled north to study European Goddesses like Freya and Brigid.

Then she traveled east to study Hindu and Buddhist Goddesses like Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kuan Yin and Mazu.  

She even studied Goddess like Inanna from Sumeria, Isis and Bast from Egypt, and Pachamama from the Andean mountains.

She discovered that of the hundreds of Goddesses revered throughout the world… 

They can be condensed into 7 different “types” of Goddesses.

Think of them as 7 archetypes of the Feminine Divine.

For example, there are “Warrior” Goddesses. 

And there are “Nurturing” Goddesses.

During her journeys Diana started composing prayers around each Goddess archetype… 

And to help me regain my power and Feminine Divine, she wanted me to commit to a 7-Day Challenge of reciting these prayers. 

Does your whole life revolve around a routine, like mine?

At first, I felt ready. “Bring it on!” I thought.

But then when she told me the details, I objected.

Not because of the challenge, but because of the religious implications.

Have you ever felt like someone had crossed the line in asking you to compromise?

“I believe in God, Diana. I don’t believe in the existence of these ancient Goddesses.”

“Good.” She said. “You don’t need to.”

“The point isn’t to plead with some ancient ‘external’ power to give some of their power to you.”

“The point is that each of those 7 archetypes is embedded inside your own Divine DNA… 

The power they represent is already
 inside you.

It’s just dormant.

You simply need to call it forth… 

And wake up to your own power.

The 7 Goddess Prayers connect you to your own feminine divine… 

Clearing away the blockages… and allowing you to manifest the life YOU want.

I think the God you believe in… 

Wants you to live fully awake and alive, don’t you agree?”

Reluctant, and more than a little skeptical, I agreed.

When we got back to my house,
 Diana gave me an old leather journal.

It was her personal journal from her worldwide journey.

There were notes and illustrations from her travels to Greek grottos… 

Ancient Hindu shrines… 

And Northern European Stone Circles.

I couldn’t believe she was just… giving this to me. 

She told me that as my godmother, it was the only place it belonged.

“Besides,” she said, “I’ve got the thing damn-near memorized at this point, hon.”

Before she roared off in her Jeep, she said, “Feel free to read through any and all of it… 

But the prayers - they’re in the back.”

I started the next morning.
It was a “prayer” to Athena, the Goddess of Determination and Positive Momentum and Action. 
At first it felt a little weird “praying” to an ancient Goddess I didn’t really believe in.

But then, I remembered Diana telling me that these prayers were about awakening a slumbering power within me…  

A power that Athena uniquely represented.

Have you ever felt silly doing something out of the blue, but you were so glad you did?

Ya, it was just like that.

If there was indeed a divine feminine power sleeping inside me… 

I was willing to do anything Diana said to wake it the hell up.

The moment I thought that, I had the realization that maybe something of Athena’s determination was emerging inside me.
Tuesday was a prayer to Artemis, the Goddess of Moonlight, Nature, and The “Hunt”.
As I found a quiet place, I found myself connecting to who I might be at the core of my true nature… 

I was feeling an urge to “hunt” for that woman, come what may.

As the moon shone through my window that night, I felt confident that I was on the right track… 

On the hunt for my true divine self.

I felt something inside me begin to stir.

By the end of day 3, momentum was building.

I was far from having all the answers I sought, but I could feel myself beginning to shed the weight of who everyone else expected I should be…

And become the woman I was designed to be… 

The woman already embedded in the Divine DNA deep in my soul.

Thursday flew by in a blur… 

It was a whirlwind of powerful momentum. Something was shifting deep inside me.

I could feel myself connecting to the feminine divine… 

To a sacred power eons old. 

A profound connection and kinship to all the women who had come before me… 

Generations who had touched this feminine divine, living out their purpose and power from a deep wellspring of unbridled and actualized femininity.

By Friday my family was beginning to ask what was going on… 

“You just seem… different,” they said.
“It’s like you’re “you” - but just bigger.”

You’ve probably guessed that the more I began to embrace my divine feminine… 

The more I feared I might be driving my family away… even make them love me less.

But the opposite was seeming to be the case.

We were growing even closer… even my husband.

There was a spark and an electricity that couldn’t be explained. 

I wanted him in ways I hadn’t felt in years… 

And he seemed to have the vigor from his 20s.

We’d made love twice that week - more than we had in the two months previous.

Saturday night was “girls night”... 

And as we hung out, I was getting the same questions from my girlfriends.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Where’d all this confidence come from?”

“You seem so free - maybe even a little ‘wild’... 

But in a good way.”

One even asked if I’d been hanging around Diana.

If you’ve ever daydreamed about everyone treating you like a queen… 

Then you know.

By the end of the week, I felt like a different person.

My old life of fear, caving to expectations, of not feeling fully alive… 

Felt like it was becoming a distant memory.

Somehow I knew this was just a beginning, too.

That what was happening in me… 

Was the birthing of a new life.

Not fully realized yet, but leaps and bounds beyond where I’d been just 7 days previous. 

Over the next few weeks I continued to pray the 7 Goddess prayers. 

And what I experienced in the first 7 days grew.

And deepened.

I grew and expanded.

I realized that I was starting to manifest the LIFE I WANTED TO LIVE… 

Without “trying.”

It felt effortless and free. 

It was like my family was seeing me with new eyes.

But it was a new me they were simply responding to.

There was a respect and love I was feeling from them… 

Like I’d never felt.

My conversations with my girlfriends had more depth and richness than ever.

Gone were the shallow, mundane conversations centered around everyone else’s business in town… 

We were talking about dreams, aspirations, and overcoming struggles with strength - and joy.

It was during the second and third week that it dawned on me that I’d always wanted to manifest MY OWN financial abundance… 

And not just have money because I was married.

It made me feel dependent, not free.

Have you ever felt limited in your abundance… 

Because it’s always been attached to a man?

I realized how limiting that belief had been… 

That my financial abundance and security was out of my hands and solely rested with my husband!

But the opportunities for women to make their own money in our little town were pretty limited.

School teacher, waitress, secretary, house cleaner… 

I know I know - those are tired cliches. 

But that was the reality in my hometown.

There were no women CEO’s or VP’s.

There weren’t even any women business owners in town.

But within days of making this realization… 

I had birthed a plan to sell something I love on the internet.

I found a source, built a simple website, and started selling.

And within just three weeks, I’d manifested $4875 - in profit.
Even though my husband had a decent job, our family was always just scraping by to maintain a middle class status.

We often had to put off bills for a month because of our kids activities or if we got a surprise medical or car bill.

Manifesting $4875 in such a short time gave me a vision of what life could be.

Whatever goddess manifestation secrets Diana had uncovered on her world tour… 

Well, they were flat out working.

Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief - because there was a nice cushiony surplus?

I felt that for the first time.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I still had some doubts. 

Diana’s secrets had worked for her… 

And now for me.

But would they work for anyone else?

I decided to put it to the test with my girlfriends. 

The next girls night out we had… 

I told my husband and kids they needed to be gone from the house so I could host.

Once we all had our glasses of wine and hors d'oeuvres… 

I began to tell them about the two months after my mother died.

I told them the whole story of my day with Diana… 

About the feminine wound and about the Divine DNA… 

And then I told them about the 7 Goddess Prayers.

There were wide eyes all around the room.

I knew it would sound scandalous to my friends who’d grown up like I had… 

With a somewhat religious background, deep in the heart of the Bible Belt.

I asked who wanted to try it.

One woman walked out saying she couldn’t believe her ears. 

Another said she wasn’t interested right now, even though she was a little curious.

But there were 7 who said ‘yes’.

I told them I’d email them the prayers and some simple instructions and we’d meet in a week.

Seven days later we met for lunch at our local diner.

I felt like I was seeing completely different women at the table.

Each one was projecting a sense of power and confidence.

They were radiating something that I can only describe as “divine”... 

It was that same quality I saw when I first met Diana at my mother’s funeral reception.

Beautiful - but slightly dangerous.

They shared wild stories of crazy amazing sex with their husbands or partners.

Those with kids at home shared how there was a newfound respect and gratitude in their families.

Two of them shared how they seemed to start manifesting money out of thin air. 

Susie manifested the $450 she needed for a random medical bill.

Tabitha manifested $760 so she could visit her sick sister in California.

Allie said her daily migraines were almost completely gone.

And Shawna, who struggled with her weight, had effortlessly lost 7 pounds.

Have you ever felt the eyes of an entire restaurant on you… 

But you were too busy laughing and having a blast to care?

We laughed, whooped, hugged, and cheered our way through lunch. 

As we were getting in our cars Amy said to me, “Diane, you have got to get this out to the world. As much as I’d like to keep this our little secret… 

There are so many women so deeply impacted by divine detachment… and the feminine wound.

There needs to be a healing revolution.

Tell the sisters, Diane. Tell the sisters!”

If you’ve ever felt like you had a clear mission in life… I finally had one.

I grabbed my daughter Sophie and together we pored over Diana’s journal.

Apparently, she was back in the Mediterranean on a yacht with her husband.

Sophie consolidated everything onto her laptop.

One day we found a very curious entry.

One of the last places Diana visited was the temple of the Roman Goddess Cybele built in Serbia.

She wrote about how researchers found some unique acoustic qualities at Cybele’s temple.

It became clear that the designers arranged Cybele’s temple to take advantage of the mesmerizing sound and vibrations of water rushing underground nearby. 

Using what they call archaeoacoustics and electromagnetic sensors, a group of researchers determined Cybele’s temple was oriented to follow the direction of vibrations and a very unique frequency sound from the flow of water. 

The researchers reported that the designers of the temple took advantage of the sounds and vibrations to influence human brain waves and enhance the healing on a soul level.

Diana had written three big question marks after this entry in her journal.

At the time, Diana didn’t have internet access, but we did.

So Sophie and I jumped into researching the effect of sound vibrations on the soul.

We were flabbergasted to say the least.

What we discovered is that certain sound frequencies, when paired with audio cues… 

Could accelerate the effect of the audio cues.

It was like we’d discovered a long-hidden clue.

Sophie nearly jumped out of her chair.

She said, “Mom, if we use these frequencies with the Goddess Prayers… 

It could be like a brain switch that turns the Divine DNA on!”

If you’ve ever been so proud of your kids you could burst, that was me.

I emailed Diana immediately. 

She was so proud of our discovery!

Then she gave us some input on how to adjust the prayers to work better within an audio recording.

Sophie and I sent everything off to audio engineers… 

And after a few back and forth adjustments, our mission to make Diana’s prayers available to the public was complete. 

And now… for the first time ever… 

We are so so proud to invite you to join the thousands of women who have made a deep connection to their own feminine divine… 

And started transforming their lives… 

Manifesting abundance in their relationships, in their health, and in their finances.
Fittingly, we’ve named these sacred prayers 

"Goddess Manifestation Secrets."

And it’s the one and only manifestation program designed around awakening the feminine divine so you can manifest the life of your dreams… 

And it’s only available right here on this page right now.

Sadly, it may only be available for only a short while. 

Because… the truth of the matter is this.

The Goddess Manifestation Secrets is powerful.

And awakening your feminine divine within you is quick and easy… 

Because it’s already embedded into your DNA.

And once you have the right tool in your hands, you’ll be turning into the powerful woman you were meant to be all along.

But here’s the thing.

This program is raising eyebrows among the patriarchy… 

Along with manifestation gurus and who don’t understand the power and simplicity of awakening the Goddess within.

Unfortunately, we’ve already gotten emails threatening to take our message down.

That’s why there’s no guarantee that Goddess Manifestation Secrets will be available tomorrow.

And it’s also why, as a soul sister, I’m encouraging you to take action right now.
Now… The Goddess Manifestation Secrets is NOT a lengthy, hard-to-understand program... 

It’s a simple audio meditation prayer combined with research-backed sound healing frequencies.

Where you simply listen to the “prayer of the day”... 

Allowing your inner Goddess to awaken…  

And your divine femininity to become your most valuable quality… 

Instead of a burden that remains an albatross around your neck.

You can finally throw off society’s demands of what it means to be the feminine YOU… 

And birth the Goddess that’s in waiting.

You don’t have to become an expert on ancient Goddess traditions… 

You don’t have to change your religious beliefs… 

You merely have to believe that there’s a feminine divine design for YOU… 

And that it’s possible to reconnect to it - no matter how long it’s been dormant.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets does the rest for you… 

Which means you’ll experience transformation regardless of your “expertise.”

Once you open up your soul through the prayers… 

Your Goddess DNA activation takes over from there.

Obviously, since every person is different… everyone’s experience and results will be different.

But I do promise you will experience a transformation.

The life YOU want to live… 

The results that were dormant and asleep because of Divine Detachment.

Here’s what you’ll experience with each wonder-working 20-minute audio prayer.

Goddess Mockup
  • Day 1 is a prayer meditation to “Welcome Your Power.”
It’s based on the Goddess Athena.

She’s the goddess of “Determination” and “Action.”

This audio prayer is infused with the 714 Hz Frequency.

It’s designed as a wake up call to empower the feminine divine… 

And feed the part of your soul that’s felt dis-empowered.

You’ll begin to feel the start of a powerful momentum to take determined action toward infinite growth - just as Athena would have you.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 2 is the prayer to “Fly and Be Free.”
This audio prayer is centered around the Goddess Artemis.

She’s the Goddess of Freedom, Nature, and Liberation.

This powerful prayer is imbued with the 852Hz frequency.

This frequency helps to open up the heart to receive divine liberation. 

And the prayer empowers you to become crystal clear about your soul’s innate goal and direction.

You’ll feel a powerful freedom to be the divine YOU that has been embedded into your unique DNA from birth.

This prayer will also help you dissolve your attachment to society’s expectations… 

Helping release you from feeling stuck, stagnant, and confined… 

And help you soar as you were meant to - as a divine descendent of Artemis.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 3 is the prayer to “Unleash the Self Love.”
This audio prayer is connected to the Goddess Quan Yin.

She’s the ancient Goddess of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

This prayer is drenched in the 639Hz healing frequency… 

Designed to dismiss self-judgment… 

Demolish self-loathing… 

And develop a deep appreciative love and acceptance of self.

More than any other prayer, this audio addresses the “feminine wound.”

Women around the world are judged and belittled for not living up to the ideals and expectations society places on their shoulders.

This self-love track will help you heal those wounds… 

And embrace the only truly essential love in this world.

The call to love yourself. 
Goddess Mockup
  • On Day 4 you’ll embrace the audio prayer called “Awaken Abundance.”
This audio prayer is connected to the Goddess Lakshmi.

She’s the Goddess of Abundance, Joy, Wealth, and Beauty. 

This prayer is paired with a unique and powerful harmonic frequency of 60Hz.

This is the same frequency of the electromagnetic "echos" that bounce between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere.

It’s the frequency of Earth’s natural abundance and bounty. 

This prayer will help you unlock your natural state of abundance.

Helping you express the Feminine Divine in your DNA.

Through this prayer you’ll begin to dissolve the old lies that you don’t deserve financial abundance… 

Or that you’re not worthy of joy and beauty.

This is a powerful alignment audio that you’ll go back to time and again.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 5 is the prayer of “Divine Light.”
This prayer is devoted to Sophia, Goddess of Divine, Mystical Light… 

And it’s paired with the powerful 174Hz frequency.

Sophia’s prayer will help you clear away the years of self-doubt about your inherent wisdom as a divine soul.

Self-Doubt is a crippling form of fear… 

And the Divine Light of Sophia will help you reconnect with your divine feminine wisdom.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 6 is the prayer of “Unbridled Passion.”
And is connected to the famous Goddess Aphrodite.

This prayer is embedded into an audio track with the 528Hz frequency.

This frequency has been shown to help rejuvenate your cells… 

Repair damaged DNA… 

And even reduce the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol.

Women from every age and era have been objectified based on appearances.

Leaving women feeling like they’re never “enough”... 

And passion and sensuality can seem shameful.

Aphrodite’s prayer will help you powerfully connect with your own pure and righteous sensuality.

It’s not only your divine design - it’s your divine right.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 7 is the prayer of “Fearless Wisdom.”
This audio prayer is associated with the Goddess Saraswati.

She’s the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom… 

And this audio is based around the 384Hz frequency.

It works to clear attachments to judgement from others…  

Giving you total freedom to express yourself blissfully.


The Goddess of Determination, Efficiency and Action


The Goddess of Freedom, Nature and Liberation...
Quan Yin

Quan Yin...

The Goddess of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness


The Mother Goddess of Auspiciousness


The Mystic Goddess of Divine Light


The Goddess of Divine Love and Unbridled Passion


The Flowing Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom.

By awakening the 7-Fold Goddess archetypes embedded in your DNA… 

You begin to embrace the divine truth that You. Are. Enough.

You’ve always been ENOUGH.

You. Are. Whole. In and of yourself.

There’s nothing you need from society or another human to make you complete or content.

You have the feminine divine within you to manifest the life you want, need and truly deserve. 

Look, it seems everyone has an opinion about what a woman is “supposed to be” within society.

Aren’t you so done with living inside a small, predetermined box?

Isn’t it time you lived out your own Divine DNA?

And it won’t be until you address the ROOT of the problem… 

That things can finally start to change. 

It is vital to connect with your Divine DNA… 

And heal the deep feminine would… 

To open up the ability to manifest a life of true abundance.

I’m so thankful Diana pulled together the lessons of these ancient Goddesses. 

Connecting to these Goddess Manifestation Secrets is the key to connecting to your own uniquely Divine DNA.

Like Diana told me, “Why rely on a social construct to manifest the life of your dreams… 

Especially when that social construct has been set up… by men… to leave women out of the abundance club.

With Goddess Manifestation Secrets… 

All you have to do is find a quiet, relaxing place where you can spend an uninterrupted 20 minutes with your headphones.

Then, simply press “play” and that’s all there is to it. 

Follow the prompts and the Divine DNA Switch does the work for you.

Now, like I said, that humiliating restaurant encounter that made me feel so powerless… 

But looking back now… it paved the way for my transformational encounter with Diana… 

I truly have a new Divine purpose.

And I’m 100% committed to helping as many women as possible discover how to awaken and empower the Feminine Divine… 

By activating their Divine DNA switch… and manifesting the life of their dreams.

Because this is gaining so much traction and changing so many lives… 

I truly want you to experience it for yourself today. 

Plus, I have no idea how long I can keep this on the internet.

The hate mail and threats are real.

Any woman who’s walked a busy public street knows what it’s like to get “unwanted attention” that feels threatening.

If they succeed in taking this simple video down… 

How many women will stay stuck in an unfulfilling life where the pressure is always to conform to society’s DNA… 

Rather than experience the power of their own Divine DNA?

For me, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do everything I possibly could to get this information to as many women as possible.

Women like Angie from Washington would still be thinking there’s something desperately wrong with her… 

Fiona Watson
Here’s what she said after her 7-Day Goddess Challenge:
“My life was so burdened by society’s expectations of what I was supposed to be, I could hardly breathe. Goddess Manifestation Secrets has helped me reconnect with the feminine power I always knew was there, but didn’t know how to access. I finally feel free to be ALL OF ME. Thank you, Diane!”

~Angie., Washington (verified customer)
Fiona Watson
Then there’s Hillary from Arkansas who said:
“After my divorce, I felt lost and helpless. I’d always relied on my husband for income. Plus I had very little education or marketable skills. I was terrified. Thank God I heard about Goddess Manifestation Secrets. I’m more financially secure now - because of my own financial abundance - than I was when I was married Thank you!” 

~ Hillary S., Arkansas (verified customer)
Fiona Watson
Carol from Florida wrote:
“I could never put my finger on why I felt so heavy all the time, or why I didn’t feel at home in my own body. Goddess Manifestation Secrets unlocked my understanding of the feminine wound and gave me the key to experiencing such freedom and power. It’s what I’d always HOPED was available, but had no clue how to access it. I’m living at a higher vibration than ever all thanks to Goddess Manifestation Secrets.”

~ Carol P., Florida (verified customer)

Diana, Sophie, and I have gotten so many emails singing the praises of Goddess Manifestation Secrets. 

Beyond helping thousands of women everywhere manifest multiple thousands of dollars… 

It’s helping reignite passion in relationships… 

It’s bringing peace and healing to the feminine wound… 

It’s igniting a divine power that’s empowering and liberating.

Because of that, some women have written in insisting it’s easily worth $4,000… if not more.

But when you choose to take the 7-Day Goddess Challenge… 

Your investment won’t cost anything close to that.

And, you won’t have to invest $400… 

Which, if you think about the value of birthing the Goddess within… 

Would be a small price to pay.

But this has never been about the money for me.

I’m passionate about reaching women who sense there’s an awakening that’s begun… 

But just need to know how to fan it into a flame.

That’s why I’ve made the price as low as possible.

I’d never want price to stand in a woman’s way of manifesting her true feminine destiny.
Today, when you say yes to investing in yourself… 

Your investment is only $47.

I hope you believe you’re worth it.

If you’d like to experience the Divine DNA switch for yourself… 

And empower the Goddess DNA blueprint that’s already inside you…. 

All by listening to a guided audio prayer every day… for 7 days… 

Then click the big “Add to Cart” button just below this text right now.
When you do… 

The system will forward you to a page to enter your information… 

Then you’ll have full access to the Goddess members area in a matter of minutes.

To keep things simple and secure, we decided to partner with an online platform called “Clickbank” to process our transactions.

They offer industry-leading, world-class, military-grade encryption and security. 

Now I know you want to get started with Goddess Manifestation Secrets… 

And the 7-Day Goddess Challenge right away.

But there are a handful of impactful free gifts involved in saying yes to Goddess Manifestation Secrets today… 

One of them is a way to help rescue young girls from the horrors of sex trafficking. 

More on that in just a minute.


The First Goddess Gift is called the “Invincible Goddess Warrior.” It’s valued at $27.

This is a powerful audio track designed to empower your inner Goddess Warrior.

Why would you need to empower an inner warrior?

Because the fight to empower and unleash the Goddess within… 

Is the single-most important fight in your life.

It’s the fight to value and love yourself… 

It’s the fight to banish ALL limiting beliefs… 

It’s the fight to embrace the spirit of the feminine Divine… 

Every single day.

And Invincible Goddess Warrior is the most powerful weapon you can have in that fight.

The second Goddess Gift is the “Goddess Gratitude Journal.” It’s valued at $27.

This journal is different from other gratitude journals and is modeled off of Diana’s original journal.

This gratitude journal guides you through recognizing and celebrating the emergence of the feminine divine.

And one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my own goddess journey is this: 

Celebration fuels future growth.

The Goddess Gratitude Journal will guide you through recognizing and celebrating all the little wins… 

And fuel your momentum for building future abundance.

The third Goddess Gift is called the “Perfect Life Projection Manifesto.” And it’s valued at $27.

This invaluable guide will walk you through how to protect and guard your heart against naysayers, doubters, and haters.

When you start manifesting the feminine divine in real time… 

What you’ll discover is that there will be many who celebrate you… 

But you’ll also encounter those who, because of their own insecurity or jealousy, will criticize you.

This guide will help you protect your heart against your detractors… 

While keeping your heart open to those who will celebrate you.

These 4 powerful Goddess Gifts are valued at $111.

And they’re included with your order of Goddess Manifestation Secrets when you complete your order today.

The fourth Goddess Gift is called the “Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook.” And it’s valued at $29.

In this handbook you’ll find detailed archetypes of each Goddess, outlining their characteristics, beliefs and attitudes.

So you can embrace them as a greater vision of who you want to become.
In the Goddess Manifestation Secrets handbook I share these frameworks with you.
So you can embrace them into your spirit...
Feel their energy and positivity...
And adopt their characteristics as part of your own.

Now, the last gift to tell you about is a way we can all join together and help our sisters around the world.

Because of what Diana witnessed on her world travels… 

We’ve committed to help save young girls from the horrors of sex trafficking and slavery… 

Which is the ultimate manifestation of the feminine wound. 

When you say “yes” to Goddess Manifestation Secrets today… 

Diana, Sophie, and I will donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit called Operation Underground Railroad (https://ourrescue.org/)

It’s an organization tirelessly working to end sex trafficking around the world.

So, when you say “yes” to awakening the feminine divine… 

You’re also saying “yes” to ending the nightmare of sex trafficking around the world.

How amazing would it feel to know that together, we’re giving young girls the opportunity to live a life free from enslavement. 


I want to talk to you about something important right now.

It has to do with the “pain” of parting with money. 

For me, parting with money always made me feel insecure and vulnerable.

Especially when times were tough and finances were tight.

Worrying if there would “be enough” was a constant weight I carried.

That is until I realized that that was a product of the expectations I had on me to just “make everything work.”

I felt like one of those plate spinners you see at the circus.

Then I realized that the Divine DNA inside me was made for and exists in a state of total abundance.

That’s when I saw that scarcity thinking in no way was connected to my inner Goddess.

So if the pain of “parting with money” is causing resistance in you right now. 

I get it. But - it won’t always be that way.

That’s why I’m so confident that Goddess Manifestation Secrets will fulfill its promise - and so much more.

Imagine experiencing divine abundance… 

A Divine peace and calm… 

Joy that overflows… 

Not to mention purpose beyond others’ expectations of you.

And that’s not even mentioning the impact of ultimate financial abundance. 

Which is why I want to remove anything that might stand in the way of you saying ‘yes’ today. 

For that reason, Diana, Sophie, and I are putting our necks on the line… 

And guaranteeing results YOU want to see… 

With a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee... 

For a full 365 Days!

Plus, I’m also extending what I call the 
“Sign of the Divine Guarantee.”

Here’s how it works.

Within 7 hours of saying “yes” to Goddess Manifestation Secrets… 

You’ll observe an undeniable “Divine Sign” that the Goddess within… 

Is waking up.

Maybe it will be a feeling of confidence and hope… 

Maybe it will be a number - like how 7 of my friends agreed to join the challenge… 

Or how 7 birds took flight during my day with Diana… 

But right, now I’m guaranteeing that you WILL receive an undeniable sign… 

That you’re on the right path… 

That manifesting the life of your dreams is just around the corner.

The Divine DNA within you will resonate with something in your world that makes it crystal clear that the feminine divine… 

Is starting to come to life… 

And starting to take over.

All you need to do is give yourself 7 hours to manifest this Sign of the Divine.

And if for some reason you don’t experience this Divine Sign, simply email me and we’ll get you refunded ASAP.

Consider this:

I’m promising you a Divine Sign within 7 hours… 

An undeniable signal that your inner goddess is awakening… 

And… I'm giving you a full year to experience the manifestation abundance of Goddess Manifestation Secrets.

If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with your results… 

Or if you don’t see the Divine Sign… 

Then there’s no way I’d keep a single penny of your hard-earned money.

I’ve had a few women write and ask me, “How will I know if I’m fully ready for the divine feminine to awaken in my life?”

Which I think is a great question.

I wasn’t truly ready - until that fateful night in the restaurant with Sophie… 

And I truly believe that when you’re ready… 

You’re ready.

The desire for “something more” becomes an insatiable itch… 

The goddess within becomes an irresistible force.

That’s why you’re getting all the time you need… 

A full year to decide if Goddess Manifestation Secrets is right for you.

I’m taking 100% of the risk… 

So your risk level is zero.

This is your invitation to say “yes” to Goddess Manifestation Secrets right now.

If you haven’t received your divine sign in the next 7 hours… 

Or, if you haven’t experienced The Divine DNA Switch coming on so you can manifest all that your heart desires… 

Well, then… 

You’ve risked nothing to find out.

I’ve created this so you truly have nothing to lose… 

Except the limited life you’re tired of living right now.

Your investment in your inner Goddess is 100% protected for the next 365 days.

A simple email will initiate a refund that’ll be processed within 24 hours... 

No. Questions. Asked.

I feel THAT strongly about helping women empower the divine goddess stored in their DNA… 

I feel THAT strongly about helping women wake up to the feminine divine… 

I feel THAT strongly about helping women have the divine confidence that they can manifest the abundant… 

All by themselves.

So... are you ready to experience the Divine DNA Switch?

Are you ready to live out of abundance and not the scarcity of expectations?

Say “yes” right now so you can begin your transformation.

Say “yes” to embrace your own divine self-worth.

Say “yes” to manifesting abundance - not because you learned some manifestation technique… 

But because it’s your divine right. 

Simply click the “Add to Cart” button below this video right now… 

And you’ll get full access to the Goddess Member's Area in a matter of minutes...

That way, you can start your 7-Day Goddess Challenge right away.
Goddess Mockup
That will take you to an ordering screen that looks like this.

Right now… I want you to understand that you’re at a crossroads.

One road represents the status quo.

It’s full of everyone else’s expectations of who you should be and how you should live.

Where you’re constantly striving to live up to what others expect… boxing yourself into another’s mold.

Where you’re constantly walking on pins and needles… 

Where you’re afraid of the slightest mis-step

Now… the other road is different.

It’s a road of awakening and empowerment.

It’s a road where manifesting abundance is the result of your feminine divine.

It’s a road where you feel a powerful connection to your own goddess identity. 

One where you feel powerful and alive. 

Where living the life of your dreams becomes inevitable.

I can’t imagine my life right now if I’d never taken that Jeep ride with Diana.

I can’t imagine staying stuck in all that scarcity and fear.

But… I said “yes” because something was stirring within me that I couldn’t deny.

Does saying yes right now involve exercising a little faith?

Of course it does.

But it’s a step where you aren’t taking any risk at all… 

And a step that gives you a full year to experience everything I’ve promised here today.

When you say “yes” right now… 

You’ll see your Divine Sign within the next 7 hours… 

And you’ll finally see what it’s like to live out of your feminine divine… 

And not someone else’s idea of what or who a woman should be. 

If Goddess Manifestation Secrets doesn’t deliver for you as you expect… 

In actuality, you’ve risked nothing.

Except that you’ve taken action to change your life.

And that, my friend, has value in and of itself.

But if you choose to not invest in yourself today… And just trust to hope…  

That quiet whisper you’re hearing inside right now… 

The quiet whisper that’s begging to be set free… 

It’s the quiet whisper of the goddess within ready to break through.

If you shush that awakening goddess… 

Who knows, it might never wake up.

That’s what happened when my mom and Diana parted ways.

Diana went on to live out of her abundant feminine divine… 

She took the right road.

But my mom, well she shushed that little voice… 

And it never woke up.

Click that button below right now… 

It’s the road that leads to abundance.

It’s the road that leads to empowerment.

It’s the road that leads to fully realising the awakening that’s waiting for you to say “yes.”

So, say “YES” to The Goddess Manifestation Secrets right now.

You take no risk whatsoever. 

That’s because you’re covered by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee for a full 365 days. 

Right now I want you to close your eyes for just a moment.

And I want you to envision what your life looks like fully alive. 

Alive to confidence, power, and peace.

Alive to abundance, joy, and beauty.

Aren’t you ready to experience what your unique Divine DNA looks like - for YOU?

Say yes to Goddess Manifestation Secrets… 

And leave your old life of living up to others’ expectations behind for good. 

If this resonates with you… 

Then there's really one option. 

Open yourself up to the divine feminine with Goddess Manifestation Secrets.

You’ll find your unique Divine DNA fully alive and fully empowered. 

You’ll finally have the secrets that have been buried under layer upon layer of society’s expectations of femininity. 

You’ll finally have the switch that allows the feminine divine to live out in your own life. 

Once you flip the Divine DNA switch… 

Your inner goddess becomes an undeniable power… 

Manifesting the life you’ve always wanted, needed, and deserved.

Click the button below… and I’ll see you on the next page.
Goddess Mockup
  • Day 1: Welcome Your Power
  • Day 2: Fly and Be Free
  • Day 3: Unleash the Self Love
  • Day 4: Awaken Abundance
  • Day 5: Divine Light
  • Day 6: Unbridled Passion
  • Day 7: Fearless Wisdom
  • BONUS: Invincible Goddess Warrior (Value $27)
  • BONUSGoddess Gratitude Journal (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Perfect Life Projection Manifesto (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook ( Value $29)


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365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee 
Remember that Goddess Manifestation Secrets comes with a 365 day money back guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with our course or every cent will be refunded. So there’s really ZERO risk in giving it a try. 
365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee 
Remember that Goddess Manifestation Secrets comes with a 365 day money back guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with our course or every cent will be refunded. So there’s really ZERO risk in giving it a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried lots of other abundance manifestation programs, but they didn’t work for me. How can I expect this to be different?

Most manifestation programs simply don’t address the root cause that holds women back from manifesting the life of their dreams.

They ignore the unique Feminine Divine DNA code that was embedded in us at birth.

Plus, without addressing the feminine wound, there can be no healing. And without healing, there is no abundance.

But that’s what the Goddess Manifestation Secrets does for you.

The Goddess Manifestation Secrets addresses the feminine wound while unlocking your unique Feminine Divine DNA.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets is the only manifestation approach that helps awaken the divine feminne inside you so you can finally manifest the life of your dreams…

Not because you “import” something from outside you, but because you empower something that’s already inside you.

So for the first time in your entire life...

Manifesting abundance is simple and easy because you’re simply letting your innate power loose.

How is my personal information protected?

We protect your personal information with 256 bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It’s military-grade, meaning your personal information could not be safer.

How does the guarantee work?

Your investment in yourself is literally risk-free. You have an entire year to decide if it’s right for you! If at any point during that 365 day period, you decide it’s not for you, simply email us and we’ll refund every single penny. No questions asked.

I wanted to make sure you have the time you need to make sure it’s right for you. 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

How soon should I expect results?

Goddess Manifestation Secrets is designed to accelerate your feminine awakening.

Since every woman is starting from a different place in their journey, it’s hard to say.

Some see amazing results within just a few days. While others experience a slow, steady build.

Obviously, the results are cumulative. That’s why I encourage everyone to use The Goddess Manifestation Secrets daily. The more consistent you are, the more dramatic your results will be. 

Plus, you have an entire year to try it out!

How will this influence every area of my life?

Think about how the feminine wound affects every area of your life right now. How the expectations feel like a constant weight on your shoulders. And how that manifests itself even in your physical body.

Once you start reconnecting with your feminine divine, you’ll start feeling the freedom and power that’s been locked away for so long. There’s no area in your life where that freedom and power won’t reach!

TRY The Goddess Manifestation Secrets TODAY!


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